Formed in 1974 when Sudbury hosted the Ontario games, the Sudbury Cycling Club has been the starting point of three local Olympians and has produced many Regional, Provincial and National road racing champions. Although the club did once have a Mountain Bike and a Touring division, the club currently is a road racing club; however, many local runners, triathletes, long distance riders, track riders and mountain bike racers train with our members.

Sudbury Cycling Club Members Out Training
Road racing basically includes: road races [longer races on long loops and hills]; criteriums [shorter races on short flat loops] and time trials [out and back races or point to point with individual starts and “no drafting rules”]. As a result our work out schedule must incorporate training that improves all systems [short and very hard efforts called sprints, longer hard efforts called intervals, hill climbing, anaerobic threshold training and long distance or endurance training]. It is the only sport that includes many hard and shorter bursts of speed during a race which is required to break away from the peloton [or main group] or bridge [or catch up] to riders that are “up the road” and that’s why we train the way we do.

Formal track workouts at Delki Dozzi Cycling Track are held every Tuesday (shorter sprint training) and Thursday (long intervals) from 6:00 - 8:00 pm (April to September). Approved helmets and road racing bikes are mandatory. For safety reasons, aero bars may remain on bikes but cannot be used during track training times unless you have permission from one the coaches.

We offer certified coaching. Our head coach [Battista Muredda] accompanies our athletes on his motor scooter, while our other coach and assistants offer coaching while riding. Many skills can be learned during these practice sessions, including bike handling, proper cadence [spinning], high speed cornering, bike fit and safety.
For the last few years, the club has been running 3 different skill level groups, simply called the A, B and C groups. We do our best to accommodate and coach all club members regardless of skill and ability and welcome newcomers.

The club organizes some smaller local events, while the Ontario Cycling Association [OCA] works with Ontario cycling clubs to put on sanctioned races which basically means well organized and safe races which require a racing license [please see]. These larger races also accommodate different skill/experience levels.

Our club has many informal group rides that occur during the weekend and weekends. We have various fitness testing / monitoring equipment [Compu-Trainer and lactate threshold]. The club also trains together during the winter months.